Corvus Spatial specializes in GIS services, cartography and spatial analysis including:

  • Transportation Geography - network analysis, location-allocation, facility location;
  • Multicriteria Analysis - demographics, infrastructure, environmental impacts and user preferences are combined to provide decision support based upon multiple factors;
  • Cartography - GIS based geospatial data is combined with sophisticated vector drawing software, bitmap editing, and remote sensing imaging and processing to produce high quality images for analysis and presentation. Custom map projections to analyze and display data based upon location and map scale and data type.
  • Spatial databases -  collecting, compiling and organizing spatial data to create complex databases which can be integrated with GIS and spatial analysis;
  • Urban Design and Transportation - analysis of population density, transportation connectivity for multiple travel modes, parking, impervious surfaces and accessibility of urban amenities;
  • Research - enthusiastic research of any topic with a geographic dimension including water quality and watershed protection, active transportation and climate change impacts.


Corvus Spatial principal, Reg Nelson, has 18 years experience in the transportation industry and a strong educational background in mapping sciences, geography, and mathematics. Please contact us to design a research plan, analyze existing data, provide data visualization tools or provide high quality graphics for web or print. 

Maps are a visual medium capable of communicating complex data and provide a means to compare multiple scenarios to help understand our world and make important decisions. We also have many years experience in all aspects of photography, 3D photography and 3D graphics and look forward to designing innovative images for you or your company.