Intersection at Red River Rd


This intersection at Red River Rd and Algonquin St in Thunder Bay was redone this past summer – new curbs, traffic control lights and sidewalk approaches. Notice that there are no pedestrian signals, or pavement markers on this side of Algonquin St to cross Red River Rd. In order to cross the street and head East (to the right) using the intersection as designed requires pedestrians to cross Algonquin, cross Red River Rd and then backtrack. I realize that commuters who don’t walk for transportation would say “what’s the big deal? So you need to walk triple the distance to cross the street and wait for two lights instead of just one – as long as you’re not impeding the flow of real traffic.”

Most traffic, vehicular and pedestrian goes left here towards a busy commercial strip on Red River Rd. There is another light with pedestrian signals less than a block away to the West. It’s four blocks to the next light going East and so walking out of your way may be necessary unless you cross here without the benefit of pedestrian lights and scale the snowbank on the other side of Red River Rd.

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