Pedestrian needs to walk on the road due to poor sidewalk condition.

Walking to work this morning I noticed this Lakehead University student walking on Oliver Road because the slushy mess that accumulated on the sidewalk, since the plow last came by, froze into a solid-lumpy-icy mess overnight. The pedestrian would retreat onto the sidewalk when ever there was a press of morning commuters coming at him, and then take a chance that he could make it to the next intersection or driveway before another large group of vehicles came by.

This is a major pedestrian route from a residential area to the University which has approximately 7,000 students in addition to many more staff and faculty. You can see two small green dots in the distance - this is the entrance to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center. This is the only acute care hospital in Thunder Bay, and serves the entire region. Oliver Road is one of two routes to the hospital. I have witnessed parents pushing their children in strollers along the roadway, where this student is walking, because the sidewalks are not passable. This is also a transit route. Sad!


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