Piling Snow to Block the Path

I'm not sure why someone thinks it is appropriate to pile snow in front of the paved recreation path through Incinerator Park. It could be because the path is not plowed during the winter. And in spite of this fact the path is obviously well used and there is always a well packed trail very soon after every new snowfall. It is not hard to figure out why the path is well used when you look at the importance of this pedestrian and cycling route to the neighbourhood. The question is: "why is this trail not better maintained?"

The path through the park between Ray Blvd and Ravenwood Ave is approximately 245 m. A relatively easy jaunt for most. The two alternate routes are approximately 6 times the distance at 1,460 m walking up to Oliver Rd or 1,410 m walking down to Beverly St. Considering that most people will not walk more than 400 m if given a choice of transportation options, means that abandoning this route during the winter is extremely irresponsible. 

Garbage cans to collect the Tim Horton's trash at the east end of the trail and Mac's Milk litter at the west end would also be a major improvement! The next thing you know, residents will want lighting along the trail...

Update to Vehicle Access

I am updating the previous post regarding vehicle access to public parkland. Snow_Com_Aud

It seems strange that staff clearing snow from the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium parking lot would purposely keep a vehicle route open into the park. During a busy winter, they always took the time to diligently keep this path open.

The other side of the park had a restriction to vehicles that was in place for a couple of years.

IncineratorRavenwoodEntranceYou can see from the photo that the bollard has not been present for a while (nor was it ever effective at keeping vehicles out of the park).

In addition to fly-tipping, noted in the previous post, you can see that this access also allows idiots to rip up the grass with their vehicles.IncineratorTireTracks

Roads, parking lots and driveways already represent a large proportion of the urban landscape. Motorized vehicles should not be allowed to degradeĀ our parks and greenspaces.