Update to Vehicle Access

I am updating the previous post regarding vehicle access to public parkland. Snow_Com_Aud

It seems strange that staff clearing snow from the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium parking lot would purposely keep a vehicle route open into the park. During a busy winter, they always took the time to diligently keep this path open.

The other side of the park had a restriction to vehicles that was in place for a couple of years.

IncineratorRavenwoodEntranceYou can see from the photo that the bollard has not been present for a while (nor was it ever effective at keeping vehicles out of the park).

In addition to fly-tipping, noted in the previous post, you can see that this access also allows idiots to rip up the grass with their vehicles.IncineratorTireTracks

Roads, parking lots and driveways already represent a large proportion of the urban landscape. Motorized vehicles should not be allowed to degradeĀ our parks and greenspaces.