Corvus Spatial

I accidentally deleted the WordPress database for Corvus Spatial. Rather than restore it from a backup I decided to recreate it. Maybe I’ll update this version more often.

I like playing with GIS, Stereo imaging and visualization, 3D modelling, and remote sensing using drones with multi-spectral sensors. It is difficult to claim expertise with all of these specific technologies or applications. I always seem to be trying to pull multiple threads together.

Focusing on recent projects, information on the site might include:

  • QGIS and Python (fantastic!)
  • Blender – excellent 3D modelling application and great video editor.
  • Audio Editing (Audacity or Ardour depending on the situation)
  • Meshroom – SFM – 3D reconstruction
  • Vector graphics – Inkscape – great for polishing QGIS maps, and creating graphics and titles for video projects – also input for Sozi presentation software.
  • Bitmap graphics – GIMP is my default bitmap image editor – excellent! Of course R (I use RStudio) and other applications can be used to perform raster calculations and manipulation.
  • Stereoscopy – historical imagery as well as personal stereo photos and graphics.
  • StereoPhotoMaker – essential tool for stereo photography!
  • StereoPi v2 is based upon RaspberryPi Compute 4. Currently designing a camera housing for 3D printing, and exploring Computer Vision libraries to do unique things.
  • FreeCAD – excellent parametric CAD application. The few things I’ve sliced for 3D printing come out of FreeCAD
  • Geany – Still trying out this IDE after using Atom
  • Meshlab (for cleaning and editing 3D meshes)
  • Linux – I realize many of the purists don’t consider Ubuntu true open source but it was my entre into Linux and I really like it. One day I’ll try a different distro.

I’m so grateful for all the great people creating and contributing to these projects. I try to contribute when I can to support the work that makes this all possible.